Episode 00: Hi, We are Living on Blockchain - Are you?

By Tarusha|



You are listening to Living on Blockchain and this is your host Tarusha.

This is an intro episode- I wanted to let you know what you are in for before you deep dive into the episodes.

Living on Blockchain was conceptualised with three, okay, four, goals in mind. First, I want to take out the jargon from the blockchain and crypto space because I truly believe that for mass adoption, it is all about disseminating the information in an inclusive fashion.

Second- we want to educate. No industry or sector or a movement can take foot by being esoteric. I am here to dismantle that by talking about and educating adopters in a way, that is crisp, precise and easy to assimilate. I have told everyone that I know that I want this information and technology to be so inclusive that our parents can understand it. We want users to truly understand the benefits of this technology, reap the rewards, and actually start living on blockchain. Rather than this being a far away future concept.

Thirdly, but most importantly, I want to shed more light on women who are advocates for blockchain or are working in this field or are even considering taking this up as a sector that they wish to work in, because balance is the key.

Blockchain and Crypto are going to change the world, as we know it, It is happening already and a mass adoption, a a grand movement for the new world order cannot survive without balance and being inclusive.

The obvious 4th reason is that I would like to get connected with more users and stakeholders in this space, because that will ultimately help all of grow.

Honest, enough, huh?

Our episodes will be in the ratio of education plus interviews- which means that some would be interviews and some would be a pure play on learning through thought leaders.

A little about me , I am a tech entrepreneur and have been one for nearly a decade. I am currently working in this space and am the cofounder of ethx.co - Ethx is working on a decentralised cloud.

The main mission behind Ethx is to make crypto more accessible to users and easier for enterprises to get on blockchain.

To surmise - On Living on blockhchain- we will educate you, inform you, make it easier for you to adopt to this new and brilliant technology and make sure that the banks and the better informed are not able to pull wool over your eyes. We would also be sharing ways in which you can utilise crypto in real time, in real life, as well.

If you wish to be a part of this revolution and not be left out, then this is the show that you must listen to.

Do tune in for thought provoking interviews, some information and lots and lots of advocacy for blockchain and crypto.

So hit subscribe and check out the website, as well - we do send out some exclusive content over newsletters. The website is - livingonblockchain.com

Thank you for tuning in, we will be speaking super shortly. Until then, keep living on blockchain!

Living on Blockchain is about removing the jargon from the blockchain and crypto space, disseminating information for greater adoption and most importantly, shedding more light on the women in blockchain.

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