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Episode 81: “Unveiling the Secrets of Gorki Network with Alan Tominey”


In the latest episode of “Living on Blockchain,” we sat down with Dr. Alan Tominey, the Technical Director of Gorki, to unravel the mysteries behind Web3, blockchain, and decentralized technologies. Episode 81 delves into Gorki’s innovative approach to layer-1 blockchain, its applications in enterprise systems, and the broader implications of Web3 on industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.

Key Highlights

  • Reflective Higher-Order Calculus: Dr. Tominey explains how Gorki leverages reflective higher-order calculus for scalability and performance, providing lightning-fast transactions and concurrent consensus mechanisms.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Explore how Gorki is designed to support complex on-chain enterprise systems, offering robust data management and finality of transactions crucial for industries like healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Decentralization: Dr. Tominey highlights the significance of Gorki’s leaderless proof-of-stake architecture, ensuring true decentralization and eliminating single points of failure.

Notable Quotes

  • “Gorki is not just a blockchain; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s about redefining how enterprises interact with decentralized technologies.” – Dr. Alan Tominey
  • “In Web3, decentralization isn’t just a feature; it’s a fundamental principle that empowers users and fosters innovation.” – Dr. Alan Tominey

Guest Spotlight

Guest Introduction: Dr. Alan Tominey is a visionary expert in AI, data science, and decentralized technologies. Currently serving as the Technical Director of Gorki, he brings a wealth of experience from his roles in the energy industry, business acquisitions, and as a mentor.

Key Contributions: Dr. Tominey shares insights into Gorki’s technology, its impact on various industries, and the role of decentralization in reshaping traditional business models.

Deep Dive

In-depth Analysis: We explore the role of Gorki’s reflective higher-order calculus in achieving scalability and performance, examining how it positions Gorki as a leader in the Web3 landscape.

Episode Takeaways

  • Key Learnings: Gorki represents more than just a blockchain; it embodies a transformative shift towards decentralized technologies with real-world applications.
  • Personal Reflection: The interview with Dr. Tominey sheds light on the profound impact that Web3 and blockchain can have on industries, challenging conventional norms.

Listener Engagement

  • Call to Action: Listen to the full episode here to gain a comprehensive understanding of Gorki’s groundbreaking technology and its potential impact on diverse industries.
  • Discussion Prompt: What are your thoughts on the role of decentralized technologies in shaping the future of enterprise systems?

Additional Resources

  • Links: Explore Gorki’s official website here and connect with Dr. Alan Tominey on LinkedIn.
  • Further Reading: Dive deeper into Web3 and blockchain technologies with recommended articles and resources.


In conclusion, Episode 81 provides a captivating exploration of Gorki’s role in the Web3 landscape, offering insights that extend beyond the traditional blockchain narrative. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions on “Living on Blockchain.”

Next Episode Teaser

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