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EP 85: “Decoding Crypto Advertising with Tanya Petrusenko, CEO of Bitmedia”


Welcome to Episode 85, where we unravel the intricacies of crypto advertising with our special guest, Tanya Petrusenko, CEO of Bitmedia. In this enlightening conversation, we explore the evolution of decentralized advertising, Bitmedia’s journey in the crypto landscape, and the visionary strategies Tanya employs to drive success in the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Crypto Advertising Evolution: Tanya takes us on a journey through the transformation of the crypto advertising landscape since Bitmedia’s inception in 2014.
  • Empowering Publishers: Discover how Bitmedia’s innovative solutions empower publishers to efficiently monetize their audience and gain control over their advertising incomes.
  • Targeted Advertising Magic: Uncover the secrets behind Bitmedia’s ability to provide blockchain projects with the most appropriate crypto audience, navigating the challenges of the dynamic crypto space.

Notable Quotes:

“In the ever-evolving world of crypto advertising, adaptability and innovation are our strongest assets.” – Tanya Petrusenko, CEO of Bitmedia

“Decentralized advertising isn’t just a trend; it’s a paradigm shift in how we connect with audiences in the digital age.”

Guest Spotlight:

Tanya Petrusenko, CEO of Bitmedia: Tanya brings a wealth of experience in blockchain marketing, spearheading Bitmedia’s growth. Her insights into the crypto advertising landscape are invaluable for both industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Key Contributions: Tanya shares her perspectives on revenue growth, the challenges faced by publishers, and the tailored approach Bitmedia employs to meet the unique needs of crypto and blockchain projects.

Deep Dive:

In-depth Analysis: Let’s delve deeper into the empowering strategies Bitmedia employs to provide publishers with control over their advertising incomes, examining the impact on both publishers and advertisers.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Key Learnings: Understand the crucial role of adaptability and innovation in the crypto advertising space.
  • Personal Reflection: Share your thoughts on how the decentralized advertising paradigm might shape the future of digital marketing.

Listener Engagement:

Call to Action: Tune in to the full episode now to gain insights into the dynamic world of crypto advertising.

Discussion Prompt: What are your thoughts on the role of targeted advertising in the crypto space? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Additional Resources:

  • Links: Bitmedia Website:
  • Further Reading: Explore more about the decentralized advertising paradigm and its impact on the future of marketing.


In this episode, Tanya Petrusenko provides a roadmap for success in the ever-evolving world of crypto advertising. Stay tuned for more insights in our next episode!

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