Transcription Episode 27

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of Living on Blockchain. Today we are speaking to Prashant. Prashant is on the farming team of Argo app.

Argo is basically creating a platform which is inserting decentralization in hosting and storage. It is a very interesting space to be in at the moment, especially because the entire world is kind of moving towards decentralization one way or another. We had quite an interesting chat talking about what Argo plans to do next, what are their greatest milestones and right from the onset, how did Argo begin? So let’s jump right in and you know you guys can put in your additional questions if you have any in our comments on any of the platforms and we’ll be sure to sort of send them out to Prashant so that he can answer them for you.

Hi Prashant, thank you so much for taking out the time to speak to me. How are you doing today? Awesome, so it’s in Bangalore and Bangalore today it’s raining so the entire weather is also good now. Lovely, lovely, rains are so good.

In Delhi here it’s really like hot at the moment where I am so I’m hoping that it’ll rain sometime soon here as well. So just for our listeners, Prashant can you tell us a little about you know your background and how you got into the crypto and blockchain space? Yeah sure, so coming to me basically it is kind of a very interesting journey even sometimes when I look back it becomes very interesting for me itself like how it happened. So yeah I started actually my career in software development in 2016 but prior to that I was in the college and if you guys remember there was in 2013 and 14 there was a website w3school was getting trendy too much and using that w3school we were also planning to build something around that and we called I just forgot the name there was something called tree school something our seniors and everyone we all have sat together and decided to build but somehow due to lack of the funding the plan got dropped and w3school taken over the market like anything.

So that was the point when I started basically my journey into the coding arena okay and that is how I started and then in 2015 I just got selected in one of the companies. Today also I’m very fortunate like they did not send me the offer letter and because of that I had put more efforts into it to get into bigger company so that was the thing when and then in 2016 I just joined one company in CGI went to Chennai learned architecture learned all the things around the software end-to-end cycle how exactly it happens it was a rigorous cycle for me because I was very new and so that is how I ended up in in the solution designing part from the Chennai itself where my mind shifted from just a normal coder to the business guy or you can say the person who understands the products and end-to-end and how it can add more value to the people who are using it and so during that journey I just just landed into Bangalore and the Bangalore I got an opportunity to work with Siemens as a design and development engineer there so I have designed a solution there something called re-identification which they use in their infrastructure for a pool so there are a lot of hospitals around the space they use that for pseudonymizing their data it is basically like hashing their data in a different way so that was totally designed and implemented by me I led the team and that has given me a vast exposure of understanding the data basically because Siemens if you know right by the name itself it just deals with a lot of data and those datas are going to be patient rated data so my idea went into that direction also so I started more realizing the value of data as well as the value of not revealing those data so if you hear just 2016-17 there were a couple of companies which was slapped around millions of dollars in order to so what they did is like they by mistakenly they uploaded the patient’s data to the server and it just got to know and they slapped those companies around millions of dollars 100 millions 200 million dollars so that was the point I was with the part of Siemens and I realized like what is the importance and all those things then after the corporate journey I decided to go and join some startups so that I can explore my expertise and also implement it from end to end and that is where I landed in Quero it has recently been acquired by CSG so I was working there as full stack developer and and was stabilizing the entire system so it has given me a vast exposure in terms of system in terms of how the entire development life cycle goes from 0 to 1 or 1 to 10 or whatever we call it and that is how I ended up in the becoming a full-grown solution designer kind of a person where I understand the product from end to end and coming to the blockchain which is very interesting story so a year back what happened one of my colleague who is my co-founder now he and I was working in the Quero he was my junior there so one day he just said me is like why don’t you participate in hackathons and just check out the blockchain and all those and I was following Bitcoin from the past when I was in college but I had the money to invest so for me it was a great chance to go and look around I went back and we participated in around three or four hackathons that near hackathon we won and then we won a couple of more hackathons back to back and it given me a boost and moral boost in terms of yeah I can build something and the interesting part is when I started journeying the first thing which I started seeing was the DeFi boom and NFT boom right that was the time when everything NFT was like flooding like anything just a year back and that point of time I was looking around to build the product and we just sat together one day and it clicked in the mind and then we said like let’s go and build it so that is where we got into foundership of product into the blockchain that’s wonderful so you know your journey has been pretty much like a little you know filled with serendipity so to say that you know you were somewhere else and a bunch of coincidences kind of led you to where you are right now so more power to you guys and I know what you are doing but you know for our listeners again could you tell us a little about the Argo app that you know you’re working on and what it does and where do you see it sort of heading in the future yeah so as I said like so when we started the Argo basically when the idea which idea got hit so for us it was pretty so I and my co-founder was in a position to go and fork Uniswap and launch one more DEX right but for us it was not the case we wanted to build something which people are avoiding to build and the reason why people were avoiding to build is because there is not too much of money upfront for example I just spoke then just went and launched my token and the next day my token will do 100x that is not going to be happening with what we was we were going to build and so what we decided is to go and build something which is a long run and since I am coming more of a product oriented guy who understand the business as well as product so for me it was looking for the longer vision instead of the shorter vision which in the crypto generally people do so for in crypto longer is basically six months and shorter is one month right I believe so for me it was not the case because even though today also people say is like you have a mentality of traditional mindset I always say the traditional mindset has proven to be successful in the market from the past generations and if you are saying like six months is going to be long term and one month is going to short term then it is just a boom and just a bubble which will burst anytime and that is what it happened right so last I remember the uniform talk when we were having on the call I believe I have also said the same there also right so the burst is going to happen at any point of time and after that only the market got crushed but yeah for me it is basically now people will start realizing the long-term perspective and now coming to the Argo so Argo is basically what it is solving is if you see around the entire blockchain infrastructure right blockchain infrastructure consists your EVMs your oracles your whatever so these are the supporting layers basically a layer zero on which your entire application is getting built on right and then there is something like storage layers and compute layer all these layers are also getting built around it right the only problem which we have identified is the ease of usability right so when we talk about any adoptions correct any adoptions in future if even though if you go in the past decades or 100 years or 200 years back down the line when we started building the cars the car was used to have a very heavy engine and then only selected people used to use that but now if you see that the engine got compacted and everything got abstracted out and now people are each and everyone is riding it right so this is the transformation of a technology this is transformation of some real product and then that is how the real product transforms so if you see the infrastructure now in today’s blockchain era each and every user so today for example if you want to save your data on a decentralized infrastructure what you are going to do you are going to either you will go and first learn about RVs you are either you will learn about Skynet these storage protocols and then you will decide hey you know what I don’t want to go any of these places I’ll go on dump my data on the AWS and why is that so because yeah yeah why AWS is because it is very easy to use yeah right even though it is centralized I don’t care I don’t care they have been from the past 20 years with us and they are going to stay for another 100 years I don’t care I might advise them right so our understanding was is to make life of people to use these platforms easier so what Argo does is it makes the usability and gives the usability basically to the user so that they can use these protocols without learning them at all so for example I am a web application developer I want to deploy my web app okay and today if you want to deploy your web app on any of these protocols you have to go and literally learn them right end to end then only you will be able to do anything so for Argo what you can do is you just go and literally just do a three clicks and your web application will be up and running in the decentralized environment so that is how simple we wanted to make it so that developers who are working on this logical part they should focus on what they should focus on the business while we as experts into this area who understands the protocols who understand which protocol is going to be suitable for you we make that expertise into the code and the code take care of your data and putting into decentralized ecosystem and the second most benefit which I always inspire like we have built it is you don’t have to go and use these protocol token at all so you just use Argo token and you will be able to deploy or even store deploy or whatever you want to do with our provided infrastructure you can do that just by using Argo token only and no more other tokens yeah wow so no I think that you know you what you guys are doing is like really creating a dent in the way decentralized storage and hosting happens because see right now you know because we are into this space we seem to believe that everybody sort of understands this space but it’s quite a wrong notion because even now there are so many people who kind of get intimidated by the idea of blockchain and the intricacies that it comes with it any kind of deep technology or any kind of a platform that uses deep tech be it in cloud or you know ai ml or blockchain it comes with its own set of you know burdens right it carries a chip on shoulder because the there is a curve to it so how do you intend to sort of you know increase on the adoption aspect for your platform because there is that that learning curve would always be there because we are working with such a new technology so but what is your take as a founder on you know bringing that learning curve like making it a little less steep for the lack of a better term yeah so yeah I totally understand so whenever we go for the deep tech and all this there will be something but coming to the Argo right so if you see the twitter account just just try to check it out once and I recommend everyone to check it out so it is what we are doing currently is there is something called Argo educate there is a series which we have started on twitter called Argo educate and the motivation the intention behind was it’s not to assume like everyone is going to be a expert who are going to onboard us its intention was to launch this series to for those people who don’t understand the blockchain and educate them first about it so if you see the marketing and all these things right so if you remember on the on the marketing side when google and even the computer when it came how it started right right we started building the educating the people around it and then and how the education started is what is by tapping the institutes tapping the roots of those things right so I remember it because one of my mother’s brother he brought in 1992 when Rajiv Gandhi brought computer in India there was a huge strike and everything happened right at that point of time these guys they have tapped the market they understood the benefit of education then what they started they bought some computers and they started the education center into NTPC okay and NTPC onboarded them and then from there their journey started so one thing I understood from there is if you want to promote anything you have to make sure the education has been properly been given to the people now it’s it’s up to people how exactly they’re going to use it so for us also the same thing the entire infrastructure decentralization data storage blockchain crypto and all these things are pretty new for any people okay even in India one point with this this much population really really only I believe 0.00 some percent that people are using blockchain technology right just assume if they have the knowledge to go and use this so that is what our target is so you will start seeing us participating in couple of universities we will be going on universities tapping good tier one tier two colleges and institutes to onboard them to make them realize like see what is what we are building how exactly it is not only us basically just to use Argo but with the Argo we want to promote the entire blockchain ecosystem into the India so if you see recently Dhruv Rathee who knows to be a good influencer in India anyways he’s he has a different angles of ideologies which people follow like if Modi government is there and all those but he covered our entire blockchain one and after that we started getting a lot of questions on my telegram my twitter my linkedin like what is blockchain I also want to use it so once people start hearing about all these things they will start coming to you and asking like how to use it okay so instead of us going and forcing someone to go and use it show them the benefits show them what exactly the power is going to be and that is how Argo as an adoption we are planning to do that no that makes a lot of sense when you kind of you know make the value proposition very clear to the end user that you have they would be a more interested and sort of even trying out a new platform so I think that that kind of angle and that way of angling toward your customer is a very good idea and what you guys are again doing as I said that you know you guys are doing something that a lot of some of the ventures are not a lot because there are only handful of projects doing this but some of the ventures have tried to sort of do this in the past but I believe that you guys have a solution which is very unique so what would you still say that you know what is like the most unique quality for your platform because it deals with decentralized storage and hosting like I mentioned earlier what would be like a UBP so it is basically the entire as a product it’s a unique selling point is because we are just unifying the entire use cases at one place so today also if I ask you to go and use any of the deployment or infrastructure platform right so it will become very difficult for you to manage all those versions and all this right so that is where I see as a value proposition and unique value proposition where we help people to first thing is like to manage or allow them to manage everything from a single platform the second best important thing is like you just have to worry about only one token and rest will be taken care by the platform so that is what I like most and the third thing which just few days back we were discussing few things and we unintentionally we have also injected one more interesting thing into the product okay so if you see the entire blockchain so they all are made up of protocols right and all these protocols are nothing but small colonies right okay that’s good those yeah it’s a small colonies and when people go from one colony to the other colony they don’t entertain them in in that fashion right so that is how it is happening and that is how I have went through and realized and talked to a couple of more founders and understood how what is their mindset so what Argo does we are first thing we have chain agnostic okay right which means it allows us to go in any community that in itself is like a great thing right like interoperability is such a challenge with so many chains that are popping up and some of these are like nearly dead chains but nevertheless moving the tokens around and yeah so I just had to interject and say that you know our listeners must know that that in itself is like a very big advantage please go on yeah so it allows those colonies to start interacting together by using our platform okay yeah so new thing which we are currently working on is called interactive NFT which will be driven from basically with our part only so using that any of these community members can go and deploy so you know right so all these protocols how they evolve they will allow they will release some funds to build some dApps on top of it and that is how they’ll start getting the network effect and all those right so for us tapping those markets are pretty easy because we can go and take migrate our entire we buy our some contract on their chain and that’s it we Argo is live there as well so and their users they don’t even have to build new Argo all together instead they can start using us itself so that is the beauty of a platform so what we are building it is basically the connecting those colonies together and making sure they start using us yeah so no I think that is like in itself a very big USP that you guys have and again more power to you for you know being able to build this and building towards this particular vision it’s a massive vision and you know if it like if executed right in its entirety it can only lead to good things so where do you see Argo you know say in the next you know one year what is like perhaps your next big milestone so first milestone for me is the v2 launch which is going to be happening the second milestone for us is basically to so we have divided actually entire to two aspects first aspect is the technical aspects where we focus on the product the second aspects is the marketing aspects where we go and make sure that our presence is there in the mark okay it should not be like we are dead for five months and then we suddenly we came up and then we started doing that no so our approach is very consistent if you see our social media and all those places we have been pretty active and making sure all those posts and everything is going in and our product team is currently working on deploying those applications so our first milestone is basically the v2 release which is going to be in few days the second milestone is the integration of decentralized domain which is hns is going to be integrated and also the skynet is going to be integrated so this those two is going to be coming on a second milestone basically for us product milestones basically and coming to the marketing milestones so once we have these integration done and we have also cicd integration coming in with the second milestone only so once cicd skynet and all this comes in we’ll jump in for the user equation part our initial target user equation is around 15 000 to 20 000 people and for that we have already collaborated with couple of universities and institute and you’ll start everyone will start hearing about argo going to this university are going to that university and why we are doing that is the reason i have already told is to educate them make them build the product and also we are we are also talking with couple of more protocols to collaborate with us and so for example there is a protocol called argo if argo wants to go and do some kind of hackathons they can collaborate with us and anyone can build the application on argo but use argo as a deployment platform right so and even same goes with skynet same goes with linear same goes with any chain you’re talking about so that is what our proposition is but six months down the line we are targeting around 20 000 users this entire year basically we are focusing the max of 50k as a user base and reason behind that is to keep that small number is to stabilize our system also so we don’t want to make the entire system burst out if use traffic starts coming in so so we wanted to go and linearly increase the bandwidth as well as linearly increase the user base so that everything thrives in a very good fashion excellent okay no so that sounds like a really good plan and those are really good milestones regarding getting you know the initial developer or community support like you know we all know as blockchain founders that community support is very integral to how the project kind of performs how do you intend to sort of go about what is your strategy there to you know get the community a little more mobilized so and incentivized to build on your platform yeah so from the past four months the one thing which i was doing is to going to multiple communities and understand how they are building it and i believe that is the best way of learning the things and what i understood during that part of thing there were a couple of things which we are going to introduce in order to push people to start using us and also to help people to start engaging with us by incentivizing via argo token or whatever way we can so there are three things which we are going to launching in coming around two or three months down the line the first thing is the developer grants so developer grants is basically so if you see right so badger is the right so badger protocol right so badger it’s a totally developer focus right everything is around developers developers can go and build and apply for the grants and all this so we have taken one part from them we said like you know what this part i we like the most and and we have taken from them is where we’ll be launching a developer grant where any developers who wants to build their application or if they are in a certain phase see our entire protocol it is basically based on the argo token right so if you want to onboard your user you need those argo tokens we incentivize them using those argo tokens go and go and use those argo tokens apply for grants and and check the scalability and all those and if we are getting big we’ll also win and that is how we are planning to do that on the developer side second thing which we have is with the developer one there is also called bounty program and all this which will be running parallelly where they will be coming and joining us by going for the bounty hunt smart contract auditing security bug finding and all those things so we’ll be doing all those things that is the part of developer grants part the second part which we want to do is the marketing basically if you see most of the products which are getting built today they don’t have any open kind of culture where they can go and easily apply for marketing grants and all those we started seeing many people reaching out to us on telegrams and asking like we have marketing proposal and all those so we are totally changing the process of marketing so what we are saying is you know what you if you are really willing and interested to contribute on argo go and use the product make some good video around it or if you want to write us about us go and write us about us and then come back and attach those links with us and definitely getting a grant from our side as a marketing push and it totally depends on how much traffic and all these things you are generating those questions will be asked and if everything is properly met you’ll be awarded with the grants from our side so that it reduces the overhead from the team also to go and monitor each and every one but instead on a weekly basis we sit together and we do that and and six months down the line so yeah around six months down the line once our product and everything is stable we have a DAO setup so once that happens that will also we’ll also release that to the DAO so DAO totally decides like who should should get the grant and who should not so that we won’t become the part of it the third thing is basically the miscellaneous part miscellaneous is for example somebody is very active in the community okay he’s trying to resolve the issues queries and all those things for people around the space right so and what are we doing with for them so that is where this this kind of miscellaneous grants comes into the picture where we incentivize people to use to go and interact more with the community members and make the entire community alive so that each and everyone wants to be stay there and and stay together for a longer time so that is the third thing which we are planning to do to increase the adoption on the developers marketing as well as other people who don’t belong to the marketing but they are willing to contribute wow that’s quite a plan and you know this developer grant thing is such a good way to encourage more ecosystem participation and that would also like encourage more developers to start building here obviously like the incentive is very clear but it’s really good to know that you guys are thinking so early about developer grants and getting the ecosystem mobilized to start building on your platform so again the you know i’m like a big fan of what you guys are doing and obviously here to help in any way that i can so yeah more power to you uh let’s move on uh from a little bit from argo to the space in general uh there are so many uh you know trends that keep coming in like defy was called a bubble and nfts were called the bubble what is your take on first let’s talk about defy and then we can you know move on to nfts yeah so i’m a big fan of it okay so whatever you hear and we’ll all yeah yeah okay so there are multiple perspective of the thinking of a problem statement right so what defy is going to be doing is uh if you see on the business perspective and all the on the investment perspective if you give a thought you will find like defy is going to be success and nobody is going to stop it the only thing which is going to stop it is the regulation part and that is the big thing which you will be seeing in coming few more around a year or two i can bet on that is and then that why is why i say that is none of the government of the countries want to money being float around freely right and it has to get regulated and that is where i see little hiccups in right to defy ecosystem but apart from it i don’t see any problem there because for me just few days ago i was talking to some person and he was asking like how is able how defy applications are able to give you this much returns and not the traditional bankings then i said it’s pretty simple because there is no mediators and what is whatever is happening on the platform it is crystal clear right so you amms just go and take the part of the money their borrowed amount and that directly goes to the people who are parking lending their money it happens on the runtime and nothing has been controlled controlled way right but there are a couple of more protocols getting built like there are a couple i heard few more protocols who are building a fixed rate kind of a system where you can just delegate your amount and get a fixed rate return like around six percent or eight percent whatever so on the defy part i’m just fan of it because i utilize it heavily yeah so i’m big fan of it so there is no downward the only thing which i see personally is the government regulations if it comes in all the users has to go for kycn and they have to build some mechanism to stop those transition and how exactly they are going to do that i just want to see how exactly it is going to be so that is my take on it that makes sense i think the defy is only bringing in a lot of good things obviously everything comes with a little bit of caution and so is with defy like you know there are issues like security of user funds because smart contracts at times are not audited and they are put out there and then they get hacked or exploited in some way so that is one issue obviously you know you one needs to do their own research before getting into anything and if you’re putting your money there then obviously do your research before you know following or jumping on any bandwagon and what you said regarding you know how to maintain the transparency and make sure that the money is actually being utilized for legitimate things that is also a concern that you know policymakers bring up quite consistently so i think those are some pitfalls but then again i believe the technology and the sec is so much in its infancy that all of these things will come because innovation is kind of going to make sure that it is driven and the policy also will come it will come a little retrospectively but come it will yeah so even even on the same part i just wanted to add one more there were a few people in the bangladesh so they were from the r&d so they contacted me on linkedin they just wanted to understand how exactly the regulation should be around so my first answer to them was is to if you want to regulate then forget the adoption okay because you see the internet right in 2000 when the dotcom boost happened did companies and did india or any countries came forward and said hey you know what apply gdpr law or apply this data protection law or that data protection law it was not right and it happened during mid 2009 2010 when everything got started around more of a data privacy protection and the chinese firms getting into all these things so that is the reason it started all together right yeah but just think if the entire protection law and all this might have came at the point of time when they have launched the dotcom and the dotcom boom was on the flight then it would not have been the same so we have to understand one more thing is like whenever a technology evolves it doesn’t evolve if you put restrictions on top of it okay there will be and so even today also there are porn sites and they have been rendered from the google right even seo also ranks them why people are not going and telling google is like why your seo is giving me porn about any of the on any of such sites right nobody is doing that but if it comes to defy or some other places people will just hits up and they’ll start saying hey you know what this is just a scam or something like that so that is a wrong assumption actually people always make about any technologies yeah yeah so there is a lot of misconstruct and a lot of wrong assumptions that are there but you know i think it comes down the onus comes down to people like us who are building in this space to make sure that the right information is being passed out and the right perception is being created yeah agree so what is it yeah go ahead yeah second party we’re talking about the nft part right so that is something very very good to talk i don’t know so there are a lot of aspects of it right so if you just few days back i was hearing like there is something called nft lending kind of mechanism people are building where you if you hold the nft you can go and and or you can take a borrow on top of that nft itself so for example four million dollar it was and i on two million dollars three million dollars whatever dollars out of it right i never understood that concept why exactly might be i’m not expert into that area but coming to the nft part specifically i never understood the clear goal of the entire nft market where exactly they want to head towards so yeah it is pretty good like we are making the audios videos and all those and and uploading on the chain and wrapping it around your transition ids and putting into some of the storage and then giving out to the people that is all good so but why and then how exactly it is going to accrue the value over the time so when we talk about the business right assets like digital arts uh if it is not coming from a very renowned name for example mother has drawn something and and that can still be sold today around billions of dollars right but same thing doesn’t apply to the normal xyz but so it is more of a persona specific market right where sachin tendulkar will come and sell something and it will be sold very heavy costly than the people who are really building something which is looking good and nice and everything but the name doesn’t attach to it but when some names attached to any of the things it also become a risk and that risk become a hundred percent from my perspective is because today for example i went and bought one nft of a very good artist for example and tomorrow what happened is he got into a some kind of a case doing some illegal thing what will happen with the value of the nft for which i have paid it for yeah absolutely so what exactly going to happen so that is a huge risk right it’s a hundred percent risk and people who are investing into it i know they are rich people so it is fine for them but i don’t see like on the mass side how exactly it’s will be done but there’s something called attaching the nfts with the real-time assets i believe that is what you guys are doing right on the auto pocket side these will be commemorative coins they will basically be backed by like real gold yeah so that is going to be success i believe because in the long run if you see the asset which which you are buying it also has a physical presence right and it backs by the physical value of it and it doesn’t attach to any person or person so for example even though if some bad news came uh somebody said like you know what uh gold won’t be accepted anymore so gold price is going to up not going down because everyone is buying the gold right but and there is no negative news around this but something might happen like the entire products and these reserves are going to release the gold in the market like that it is not going to happen first thing it is not even practically possible any of the governments are going to do that so ultimately these things if these things are backed with the real assets whose value is going to be appreciated by any ways that is the kind of something which is really going to work out but if it’s been attached to the person i’ll never buy such nfts if it has been attached to the person no i think you know you have a very valid point here with nfts the thing is that nobody’s really sure where this bus is gonna stop and when does the party end because the utility is a little the real life utility of nfts or the value that is being described that makes me a little skeptical as well because i’m not entirely sure how do you even sort of gauge it right how do you ascribe that x amount of value and then even if you if that value is described like what happens tomorrow because this can be like a pure speculation play as well which is not a bad thing in itself but again perhaps you know i’m like an art noob and i don’t really understand this i believe nfts do have like definitely they have potential to you know solve a few problems uh but right now i don’t believe that in their present form they are doing that because you know it just costs like you know local artists if they even think about say putting something as an nft right they have to actually put out some money from their pocket to make or mint an nft and then it is not even mostly local artists are not going to be the artists that are getting sold out all of these nfts platforms right because nobody has really heard of them there are these people who are creating you know meme artwork and people who have perhaps who have like a considerable following on social media they are the ones who are actually able to sell off their artwork so it is about ultimately sort of that argument that plays out usually that you know nfts are helping out local artists or small time artists i believe that really falls flat right now at least with nfts in the current form yeah i really always whenever i just think about nfts just i somebody was talking in some conferences like and the same thing which you said like it is going to enable local artists and do all those things so these are all just your what to say i don’t know how many artists they are onboarding the the local artists but it is not playing it is it is basically great artist great again okay for example if somebody is already selling their arts in the art festival or some some these places like showrooms they might be selling at around 10 million dollars so in nfts they will be selling around around 15 million or 20 million dollars so that is the benefit people are getting i from my perspective and i don’t see like but yeah going forward who what can turn around and and it happens but the only thing is like it is a very long way to go yeah i agree there’s a long road ahead in terms of nfts so now you know we we are kind of running a little over time but i would like to ask you who are the influences in this space that you would recommend that our listeners should be into to get all the right information and all the deets about whatever is trending in this space who are the ones that you follow yeah i follow balaji because whatever he just shares i always go and just peep it out whenever i just yesterday only i believe he shared like how to learn about the bitcoin and all those went and i just read and all all those things so just make sure follow him at least yeah and and all those leaders in this space like vitalik buterin is there yeah even charles hawkinson is there right so they so they are not just the protocol owners they are also the people who just try to share something which becomes very useful for you as a person who wants to jump into the crypto or the blockchain space the third people is and just try to avoid follow if you’re greater than that is totally different your call whosoever you are following but if you are someone who believe in crypto and the blockchain just try to follow the people who are really leaders and and just see whom balaji is following so if you if you find out who balaji is following so you should follow them also yeah okay so that is how i go and trace the tree basically who is the root into this tree yeah that makes sense that makes a lot of sense and i i believe that is a good way to actually come across some really wonderful people who are doing some really good work in this space as well so those are really good recommendations now kind of coming down to you know my last question this is something i ask everybody who comes on the show if there is somebody who’s looking in from the outside and they are still intimidated by the world of blockchain and technology how would you say that they can take their first steps to start living on blockchain and really get into the space what would be your suggestions to them i’ll give you i’ll give a very valid solution because that is what i followed but the first thing is you have to do is just go and learn a little bit about blockchain and feel it first okay and if you’re not able to feel it just don’t come here because you lost if you can feel that thing just make sure you you are able to relate the entire thing with the real use cases and how exactly it can be solved once you go and everything around the blockchain so for me the people who belong to my mindset they will be basically following the the first principle is to learn what exactly it is and the second principle is to just see what can be the possible use cases and if you can feed yourself in those use cases then the entire world is there to to teach you anything you want to so for example in my case also it happened the same i started feeding the blockchain and how exactly it can shape the future so i went and started reading about white paper light paper and all these papers around this phase ethereum paper and and bitcoin paper just read about all those things and see how exactly they achieved all this and it will open a wide area for you to explore any protocols and you’ll be able to build any products on top of any protocols yeah no i think that is really sound advice to start from the basics get your fundamentals right get your information right and just if you’re really passionate about the space and if you feel you can make a dent then jump right in there’s usually a misconception that people have that only developers are you know welcome in the space because it’s so tech heavy but then this is not necessarily true we have opportunities in every or every kind of position in every kind of profile and this needs to be like reiterated i think often to you know attract even more good talented people to the sector yeah agree so thank you so much prashant for taking out the time to speak to me and to our listeners as well are there any last thoughts yeah last thought is like uh believe in crypto believe in the blockchain and it’d be the part of the parallel economy which is getting built absolutely nothing better could have been said to close this thank you so much and in case you know our users need to sort of reach you what is the best possible way to sort of do outreach yeah so my all those platforms so if you just land on argo app dot life there you find all my details just click on linkedin you’ll be able to reach the linkedin twitter on twitter and just drop me message any of these platforms and i’m pretty active on these and i’ll make sure you receive the response all right thank you so much so this is it for today thank you so much prashant take care yeah thank you so much for thank you bye

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