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EP 96: “Navigating Web3’s Next Wave with Jerry Li Founder of Artela Network”

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Living on Blockchain podcast! In this episode (#96), we dive deep into the future of Web3 with Jerry Li, the founder of Artela Network. Jerry shares his insights on blockchain innovation, the upcoming mainnet launch, and the intersection of Web3 with AI.

Key Highlights

  • Modular Functionality: Artela Network’s approach to blockchain with modular VMs and the EVM++ system.
  • Community Building: The importance of fostering a strong user community in driving blockchain adoption.
  • Web3 and AI: Jerry’s perspective on how AI and Web3 technologies can complement each other in future applications.
  • Artel Renaissance: Details about the mainnet launch and Artela Network’s user incentive campaign.

Notable Quotes

  • “The future of Web3 lies in building robust infrastructure and fostering a strong community of users and developers.” – Jerry Li

Guest Spotlight

Guest Introduction: Jerry Li is the founder of Artela Network, a pioneer in modular blockchain solutions. With a background in technology and a vision for decentralized innovation, Jerry is leading Artela Network towards redefining the future of blockchain infrastructure.

Key Contributions: Jerry’s insights into modular VMs and the EVM++ system highlight Artela Network’s innovative approach to solving scalability and interoperability challenges in blockchain.

Deep Dive

In-depth Analysis: We explore Jerry’s views on the convergence of Web3 and AI, discussing potential synergies and challenges in integrating these technologies for future applications.

Episode Takeaways

  • Key Learnings: Modular infrastructure and community engagement are crucial for advancing blockchain technology.
  • Personal Reflection: Jerry’s visionary approach underscores the transformative potential of Web3 in reshaping industries beyond finance.

Listener Engagement

  • Call to Action: Listen to the full episode for a deeper understanding of the future of Web3 and how it intersects with AI.
  • Discussion Prompt: What role do you think community building plays in the adoption of blockchain technology? Share your thoughts below!

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As we wrap up this insightful episode with Jerry Li, stay tuned for our next episode where we delve into another exciting topic in the blockchain space.

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