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EP 98: “AI, AR, and the Future of Fan Engagement – A Chat with Ritesh Kant Co-Founder & CEO of wowTalkies”

Brief Introduction

Welcome to Episode 98 of Living on Blockchain, where we dive into the transformative world of blockchain-powered fan engagement. In this episode, titled “AI, AR, and the Future of Fan Engagement: A Chat with Ritesh Kant,” we explore how technology is reshaping the fan experience in the entertainment industry.

Key Highlights

  • AI and AR Integration: Discover how wowTalkies leverages AI and AR technologies to create augmented reality avatars and enhance fan interactions.
  • Beyond NFTs: Ritesh Kant clarifies that while NFTs play a role, blockchain-based fan engagement encompasses much more, including competition and collaboration dynamics.
  • Innovative Fan Interactions: Learn about surprising fan interactions during events and how wowTalkies adapts its platform to engage diverse audiences.

Notable Quotes

  • “Blockchain is not just about NFTs; it’s about creating immersive fan experiences that go beyond digital collectibles.”
  • “Our focus is on building a community-driven platform where fans actively participate and influence the entertainment landscape.”

Guest Spotlight

Ritesh Kant, CEO of wowTalkies, is a seasoned leader in digital transformation and fan engagement. With a background in revolutionizing how fans interact with movies through technology, Ritesh brings invaluable insights into the intersection of blockchain and entertainment.

Key Contributions

Ritesh Kant shares his vision for wowTalkies and discusses the pivotal role of AI, AR, and blockchain in shaping the future of fan engagement. His perspectives underscore the platform’s commitment to innovation and community building.

Deep Dive

In this episode, we delve into how AI and AR technologies are not only enhancing fan experiences but also paving the way for new forms of audience interaction and feedback mechanisms.

Episode Takeaways

  • Key Learnings: Embrace technology to foster deeper fan engagement beyond traditional methods.
  • Personal Reflection: The potential of blockchain in fan engagement is vast, offering unique opportunities for creativity and community involvement.

Listener Engagement

  • Call to Action: Listen to the full episode to uncover more insights on the future of fan engagement in the blockchain era.
  • Discussion Prompt: How do you envision blockchain technology further revolutionizing fan interactions in the entertainment industry?

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In conclusion, Episode 98 has shed light on the evolving landscape of fan engagement, driven by AI, AR, and blockchain innovations. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we explore another facet of living on blockchain!

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