EP 103: “From Curiosity to Creation-Founder of Chaidex Nitesh’s Path in the Web3 Ecosystem”

Living on Blockchain
Living on Blockchain
EP 103: "From Curiosity to Creation-Founder of Chaidex Nitesh's Path in the Web3 Ecosystem"

In this episode, join us as we dive into the fascinating journey of Nitesh Mishra, founder of ChaiDEX, as he shares his insights and experiences navigating the Web3 ecosystem. From his initial curiosity about blockchain to founding ChaiDEX, Nitesh discusses the challenges, successes, and pivotal moments that shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Discover how curiosity and perseverance can lead to innovation and growth in the evolving world of decentralized technologies.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that explores the intersection of curiosity, talent, and the fundamentals of Web3.

Connect With:

Chaidex: https://x.com/chaidexHQ

Nitesh Misha: https://x.com/nitesh_m13

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