EP 81: “Unveiling the Secrets of Gorki Network with Alan Tominey”

Living on Blockchain
Living on Blockchain
EP 81: "Unveiling the Secrets of Gorki Network with Alan Tominey"

Embark on a journey into the future of Web3 with our latest Living on Blockchain episode! 🎙️ Join us as we sit down with Alan Tominey, the Technical Director of Gorki Network, to uncover the incredible value this groundbreaking platform is bringing to the Web3 community.

Meet Alan Tominey: A visionary expert in AI, Data Science, and beyond, leading the charge at Gorki to revolutionize blockchain technology. From pioneering drug delivery nanotechnology to tackling complex scientific challenges, Alan's innovative spirit drives Gorki's mission forward.

Discover Gorki Network: A game-changer in the blockchain domain, harnessing unparalleled concurrent computation capabilities and a unique approach to handling extensive on-chain data. Get ready to demystify Gorki's revolutionary platform and unlock the future of decentralized innovation.

Website: https://gorki.dev/

Alan Tominey: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tominey-alan/

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