Episode 49 Vaibhav Rajput & Prayag Singh @Soclly

Living on Blockchain
Living on Blockchain
Episode 49 Vaibhav Rajput & Prayag Singh @Soclly

In this episode of Living on Blockchain, we're joined by two guests who are experts in the world of Web3 and blockchain technology. First up is Vaibhav Rajput, the Chief Meme Officer at SOCLLY, who's been exploring the world of cryptocurrencies since early 2022. Vaibhav's unique perspective as someone without a technical background but with a keen interest in Web3 promises to offer some fascinating insights into the space.

Our second guest is Pravin Singh, a blockchain product specialist who's been working in the Web3 industry for four years. Pravin's experience working on projects like Certificates on Blockchain and his decision to jump full-time into the Web3 domain after two and a half years in a different role make him an excellent guest to discuss the growth and evolution of this exciting industry.

Together, our guests will explore a range of topics related to Web3 and blockchain technology, including the current state of the industry, the role of cryptocurrencies in today's economy, and the potential impact of these technologies on society as a whole. Tune in to Living on Blockchain to learn more about the future of Web3 and the fascinating world of blockchain technology.

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